Meta: Autocorrect Goofs are Intentional

You might notice some of the titles on this blog are weird. That’s because I let Autocorrect decide. I write everything off the cuff. Not that jackals wear jackets. We aren’t that fancy. Besides the dry cleaners asked me not to bring my bloody shirts to them anymore. Easier to just not wear the damn things.

This blog exists for me to be witty, occasionally useful, and to bitch endless about everything. Autocorrect goofs in the title are part of the charm. I do try to keep the actual articles free of errors but I do keep the editing to a minimum.

Meta: First Post!

Hi, welcome to The Jackal’s blog. If it’s off limits, it’s up for discussion. It’s going to be a wild ride. Anything not safe for work will have that title starting with NSFW:.

Also, buy my books… when I publish them. I figure I should start marketing now.