RX Bars

The Jackal is a fan of RX Bars. He’s always been a fan of portable food that is tasty and filling. Previously, The Jackal has eaten PowerBars, Cliff Bars, and some coffee flavored compressed food sticks from Japan. None of these things satisfied The Jackal. Every energy bar he had eaten was no better than a candy bar. So much sugar. He was always hungrier and more tired after eating one than he would have been waiting for real food.

RX Bars are different. They have a lot of fiber and protein for an energy bar. The sugar is fructose from dates which is mixed in with fiber. This slows the absorption. The combination of slow-releasing sugar, fiber, and protein make the bar more filling and satisfying.

You, dear reader, can find RX Bars at your local Target or Kroger. Or if you’re savy like The Jackal, you can buy them online. There’s a lot of flavors to choose from. The Jackal’s personal favorites are Peanut Butter Chocolate and Peanut Butter & Berries.

Yes, spare us the jokes, The Jackal loves peanut butter. But don’t think he’ll lick anything just because it has peanut butter on it. The Jackal has some standards. Mix some berries or chocolate in first. Or just use Nutella. The Jackal is a whore for the delicious combination of hazelnut and chocolate.

Thank you for reading Forbidden Jackal. Your task for today is to put on pants. That’s all. You don’t even need to do it properly.