Meta: The Regularly Scheduled Program

The Jackal has made some decisions. First off. All future posts shall be in third person, to lend an air of dignity and aristocratic arrogance to what little The Jackal has to offer.

Yes, that is to say The Jackal has a tiny penis and he doesn’t really know how to use it all that well despite having spend entirely too many years familiarizing himself with it’s use. If the mile high club had a solo aviator’s division, he would have a small frowny face next to his profile. 🙁

If you thought that last paragraph was vulgar and in poor taste, you would be correct. Low brow and low standards are the rule. The Jackal does not have time or ability to write something more academic on a regular schedule. His ADHD requires his posts tickle his funny bone.

Secondly, The Jackal plans to post one article per week Wednesdays at 2pm Eastern Time (America/Chicago). He has already scheduled the next 3 posts and plans to write many more.

The Jackal would post more often but he has a day job, two novels, and a blog to work on. But at least he doesn’t have friends or a lady jackal to distract him. Just crippling mental illness.

He hopes you enjoy the show.

Meta: Autocorrect Goofs are Intentional

You might notice some of the titles on this blog are weird. That’s because I let Autocorrect decide. I write everything off the cuff. Not that jackals wear jackets. We aren’t that fancy. Besides the dry cleaners asked me not to bring my bloody shirts to them anymore. Easier to just not wear the damn things.

This blog exists for me to be witty, occasionally useful, and to bitch endless about everything. Autocorrect goofs in the title are part of the charm. I do try to keep the actual articles free of errors but I do keep the editing to a minimum.