Genesis Kelly Log Entry

PERSONAL LOG ENTRY (Lt. Commander Joseph Brask, Security Chief: HMS Genesis Kelly)
Date: March 18, 3049

I know why we keep these logs. It helps the investigation teams reconstruct our last days. Not that that’s important anymore. The war has kinda prevented them from even recovering logs, much less personnel. It’s getting to us all, especially on this ship. I think the logs keep us sane day after day.

I was checking the phase rifles and found one missing. I wasn’t going to report it, people are getting sloppy and forget the little things: like checking a rifle out for maintenance. Of course day was the day the captain was behind me. All he had to say was “How many rifles are we supposed to have?” I didn’t lie to him. I ended up finding out that Neal did check out the rifle but didn’t log it in the computer. I caught him before the captain did, thank God. The captain would have tried to beat Neal for it. Neal grew up street fighting and his uniform is combat armor stripped off of a Nachel Warrior. The captain wouldn’t stand a chance and I would have to take command because we lost the commander in the last battle.

I won’t lie. Things are getting bad. The matter converters aren’t processing the waste water anymore. I setup a distiller in the starboard cargo bay. God, I’m a security officer, not a damn engineer. I’m so glad that we still have Jason, he is doing magic with the reactor. We are low on coolant, it’s easy to make but we’ll run out of fuel before we need to make any.

I think I’m going to talk to the captain about keeping the rifles handy. I know he doesn’t mind me carrying that Nachel pulse rifle on my back all over the place. Everyone has something from the Nachel. There is no doubt, their hand weapons are better than ours. Maybe I’ll start wearing one of the armor suits we have from their soldiers. I should wear one when I talk to the captain. I like the tiger strips Neal has on his suit. I don’t know what to put on mine. Maybe claw marks from a cat, bleeding and such. That would be cool or maybe I should add tattoos. A serpent coiled up one of my arms. I’ll put Xing on it. She needs a distraction.

Xing has finally stopped staring at me. I’m the only nonhuman she has seen before. I miss my mate. I haven’t seen her seen the Battle of Don’Zor and nor shall I see her again. Our ship barely made it out. The captain is strict about the regs. I’m too high of a rank to mingle with any of the female officers on board. I have caught Xing glancing at me and if the captain saw me so much as twitch my tail, he would have every last piece of fur from my body shaved. Of course I did make sure she knew that I too cared.

The captain was snooping in my logs, so I finally encrypted them. It’s against the regs but so is snooping on crew member’s logs. He can’t call me on it without revealing that he was snooping. The encryption is sneaky and worthy of a prize. I used the logs of our dearly parted commander as the key. The captain isn’t smart enough to realize that. Besides, who reprogrammed our patched computer? That’s right the computer won’t decrypt them without my passwords and overrides. I’m almost finished writing my patches to the weapons controls, another week and I’ll be finished. When those go into place the computers won’t listen to the captain. There is fourty-seven of us and only one of him. If I have to, I’ll kill him. I’ve nosed around the crew and they are ready to support me. We’re going to leave the fleet behind. There is enough on this ship to sell to buy repairs. We are all sick of this war but none of us are ready to stop fighting. I’m sure there is an alternative to going pirate but I’ll have to see about that when we finally get to a safe port.