Writing Advice: Fist it in Post

This was originally called Fix it in Post, but autocorrect fucked it and I’m keeping it.

Something I learned last week. It’s okay to write a scene knowing you’ll have to rewrite it in editing. I’ve got a court room scene in Scars We Carry at the moment. I know the basics of how court works thanks to my business law class, reading a lawyer’s blog, and some googling. Also way too many episodes of Law and Order.

Honestly, that’s all you need to write the scene. It’s important to get the energy and the information for the scene down. You can always fix the details later. I know when I get to editing that scene, I’ll pull my copy of Runaway Jury off my bookshelf and ask my lawyer friend where to find courts transcripts.

Your first draft is not about getting things correct, it’s about getting them down.

Author: The Jackal

The Jackal is a furry fiction writer from the midwestern United States. He struggles with ADHD and blogs to sooth with his chaotic mind.

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